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The best of Greenville SC lodging isn't in the city of Greenville - it's in Landrum at The Red Horse Inn!

NEAR GREENVILLE in LANDRUM, SC - You're thinking about Greenville SC lodging, probably because you're coming either to contemplate some tempting homes for sale in Greenville SC or you realized that the city of Greenville SC has some fun things in store for you. Or maybe both! Upcountry locals know it, and many visitors are also discovering a better accommodation choice compared with most hotels and motels in Greenville SC. We also realize that most who look for airports near Greenville SC haven't heard about the big difference in service between many Greenville SC airport hotels and the close-by recipient of AAA's "Four Diamond Award": it's not a Greenville SC bed & breakfast - it's The Red Horse Inn in nearby Landrum!

Being only 30 minutes from many wonderful Greenville SC things to do, we know you'll regard the short country drive well worth it. To be blunt, you will be pampered without losing an arm and a leg for it. If you visit to see houses in Greenville SC, don't forget that there can be joy associated with relocation to Greenville SC. Investigate homes in Greenville SC and then spend your off time with your family at the famous BI-LO Center Greenville, the Carolina First Center and so many other marvelous things to do in Greenville. SC's nicest values on houses (most of them) are in Greenville, and SC isn't shy about the tourist attractions that Greenville SC is so famous for!

Greenville SC Things to Do 

Once the subject of Greenville SC lodging is decided, and you have looked at enough homes for sale, Greenville SC invites you to enjoy many relaxing activities like visiting the Carolina First Center and the BI-LO Center Greenville. The city boasts a regional symphony, breathtaking vineyards and of course the city of Greenville SC offers a renowned zoo with wildlife from around the world. All Greenville SC things to do would take up a large web page here, so we suggest you visit the city of Greenville SC Visitors Bureau at

Before you do anything, we further suggest that you get your Greenville SC lodging plans established at the close-by B&B that puts most hotels and motels in Greenville SC to shame. When a day of frolicking AND/OR shopping for homes for sale in Greenville SC is done, come on home to Southern hospitality at the Inn!


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